Sunday, 8 July 2018

St Just-in-Penwith, Parish Church .. Cornwall

A whistle stop tour of this venerable Church undertaken on the return trip from a weekend Stag based north of Nancherrow.

Parish Church of St Just-in-Penwith

Market Cross?

towards the alter in the East

towards the Medieval murals on the North wall

Medieval mural "Christ of the Trades"

Medieval mural "St George and the Dragon"

The Medieval murals are dated to the 15th Century as they possess borders of a "running pattern of rude foliage twisted around a straight and continuous stem". A feature of decoration common to the 15th Century. The first depicts Christ blessing workmen's tools. The second a representation of St George and the Dragon (Burt, A. 2004).

St Selevan's Stone

St Seleven's Stone (Selus Stone) is thought to date to the 5th or 6th Century and is potentially contemporaneous with the Men Scryfa stone? St Seleven's Stone bears a carving of a Chi rho upon it's front face and the inscription "Selvs Ic Iacet" Or Selus Lies Here and is believed to refer to St Seleven the brother of St Just (who founded the Church at St Just-in-Penwith (Burt ibid). St Seleven himself is associated with The Church of St Leven to which I have previously made a number of visits:

The Church of St Leven

8th or 9th Century "Hiberno-Saxon" style Cross Shaft

18th Century porch and sundial

Grouse Cross


Burt, A. (2004) Saint Just-in-Penwith Parish Church, Cornwall; A short History & Guide Book Boleigh Press

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