Sunday, 13 November 2016

Merrivale Reprise

On our first visit to this Bronze Age ceremonial centre, we were ably defeated by driving rain and wind, which drained the energy from both ourselves, and the iPhone camera - costing us a hasty retreat, with a vow to return in better conditions.

For a full account of the rain-soaked visit, please refer to:

Thankfully on the return visit we were blessed with blue skies and sunshine, giving us the opportunity to walk the double stone rows with dry ground beneath our feet; and explore the adjacent stone circle and its close-to standing stone.

Double stone row A

Julian Cope (1998) refers to Merrivale as the Plague Market in his gazetteer of megalithic Britain - so named because the plague victims of the 1600's banished to the moors - would be brought food at this place, by the healthy citizens. I have also found reference to this in the account by Legendary Dartmoor (2017) [Online] of the Bronze Age remains being referred to as Potato Market Or Plague Market citing William Crossing's Crossing's Guide to Dartmoor 1990 as historical reference.

Double stone row B


Merrivale stone circle
Merrivale Standing stone


Cope, J. 1998 The Modern Antiquarian Thorsons, London

Legendary Dartmoor 2017 [Online] Merrivale Legendary Dartmoor

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